20 August 2013

Funny stuff

I've just had another piece accepted at a site called The Higgs Weldon. It's a humour piece called Boardroom Deathmatch and it's about a very violent game based on the use of management speak. Hopefully it's funny, or at least mildly amusing...

1 August 2013

Reviewing the Bard

The other week, I went to see an NT Live screening of Macbeth starring Kenneth Branagh and Alex Kingston, which I really enjoyed. I thought it would be good to write a review - not only of the production itself but of the whole NT Live experience. The lovely Mildly Bitter agreed to post my review on her fantastic theatre blog. Check it out here.

I'm a fan of Shakespeare, particularly when it's performed by Branagh, as he has the ability to make the lines understandable and clear whilst retaining (and even enhancing) their beauty and poetry. I'd recommend the NT Live screenings as an affordable way of seeing theatre productions, though obviously the experience is very different to that of an actual theatre performance.

8 June 2013

The Early Years

No updates for a while, but I have been doing some writing here and there when I can. I've just written another piece for KOTG, which is all about my own personal defining moments in my formative film-watching years. It was interesting to write, and in fact I found it very difficult to keep to the word limit as I wanted to add so many more memories! It was also good to write another piece with a personal touch.

Apart from that, I also have a short piece coming up soon in an online literary magazine called Commas and Colons, and I have a few more bits of writing which I'm working on now with a view to sending out. Progress is necessarily slow as I'm not able to write full-time, but it's still a good feeling when a piece is accepted. So, watch this space!

8 August 2012

Top Ten

The lovely people at Kubrick on the Guillotine asked me to compile my personal Top Ten Films of All Time to coincide with Sight & Sound's own critics' poll of the top 50. A difficult task, as I usually change my mind about my favourite films on a daily basis! However, the ones that I have picked are those films that I always keep coming back to, whether it be for the story or the amazing visuals, and also films which have a special place in my memory.

It was interesting to see the other contributors' choices as well, and I think there was a good mixture of films in there. Nobody else seems to have picked my own personal favourite though...!